Hello! I am a computer science student at Purdue University (My LinkedIn Profile). I am passionate about technology (particularly data-driven), philosophy, history, and economics. I love coding (see this blog), reading (My Goodreads Page), writing (My Medium Profile), watching/playing cricket, and (time permitting) watching lots of movies/tv shows.

Note: My Wordpress blog which was hosted by HostGator got compromised by malware. Unfortunately I don’t have backups for the posts I wrote in Fall 2017 (Using Pandas for Evaluating Classifiers, Choosing a Classifier from Sklearn, Understanding Support Vector Machines). I decided to migrate (i) my technical posts to a static website powered by jekyll that is hosted on Github Pages, and (ii) my non-technical posts to Medium.

In my freshman year of college, I started an organization called the Student Think Tank for India. The core team that I put together (Aditi Parekh, Mohnish Yerra, Ashutosh Agarwal, and Smita Samanta) invested its extracurricular time, to promote critical thinking and civic engagement in Indian schools. We did great work through the organization. However with time, I phased out my involvement with the organization, as I wanted to use the extra time to work on machine intelligence projects that I started getting particularly excited about. Apart from the projects being exceptionally interesting to work on, the fact that data driven technologies are fundamentally changing the way we interact and understand the world, was and is, very motivating.

Unfortunately, I had to take some time off from college due to family and medical emergencies after my sophomore year. It was a challenging and interesting phase, that should serve as a good topic for discussion in an informal context. I have been working on upper level computer science classes and machine learning projects for the past year.

Through my personal experiences, academic work, and extracurricular work, I hope to develop a specialized technical skill set buttressed by important quantitative and qualitative skills. I hope these skills can help me learn from, and contribute to great projects/ideas/teams.

Please feel free to contact me using the information below. Thanks for dropping by!

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Facebook University Day. Jan 2016.

Facebook University Day. January, 2016.


Speaking at the World Bank Global Youth Conference. June, 2016


Conducting Learning Session with Students at DPS Hyderabad. July, 2015.


Purdue Economics Association Executive Team. May, 2015.


Purdue STTI Team. February, 2015.


Conducting Learning Session at Purdue. September, 2014.


With Dr. Tim Korb (Asst Chair of the CS Dept. at Purdue). May, 2013,



At the Hannah Community Center, West Lafayette. March, 2013.