Hello! I am currently working as a software engineer on Cerner’s Enterprise System Management team (My LinkedIn Profile). We are Cerner Engineering’s DevOps + Data Engineering shop. We work on developing utilities and platforms for automation, system telemetry and big data analytics which help improve the performance, stability, scale, and security of Cerner’s technology infrastructure.

I always strive to promote a culture of curiosity, camaraderie, and compassion. I am passionate about technology (particularly data-driven), philosophy, history, and economics. I love coding (see this blog, my Medium page, my twitter page, my technical newsletter), reading (My Goodreads Page), watching/playing cricket, gaming, and watching lots of movies/tv shows.

My Defining Traits and Values (or so I’d like to think)

The Evolution of My Motivation


  1. In high school and early college, I found that many of my peers and family members were working through various mental health related challenges.
  2. Felt a visceral impulse to help improve the education system which seemed to be failing many struggling students, and ended up working extensively with kids in high schools and colleges.
  3. Found the mental health crisis to be a consistent pattern across schools and colleges. Getting an intimate sense for the pain and suffering was intensely motivating.


  1. The problem with this goal is that the data pipeline is overwhelmingly complex! Each layer of these layers has a gazillion technologies and technical problems associated with it!


  1. Placing an aggressive emphasis on software engineering process learning and learning to be hyper-adaptable.
  2. Process and approach generalize across technical problems.

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Cerner Q3 ShipIt Team.

Cerner Internal Hackathon Team. August, 2019.

Facebook University Day. Jan 2016.

Facebook University Day. January, 2016.


Speaking at the World Bank Global Youth Conference. June, 2016


Conducting Learning Session with Students at DPS Hyderabad. July, 2015.


Purdue Economics Association Executive Team. May, 2015.


Purdue STTI Team. February, 2015.


Conducting Learning Session at Purdue. September, 2014.


With Dr. Tim Korb (Asst Chair of the CS Dept. at Purdue). May, 2013,



At the Hannah Community Center, West Lafayette. March, 2013.